Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Welcome One... Welcome All... I think?

Well here we are!

I've always been a person to come with crazy schemes with my best mate - who shall be referred to a 'G-Man' - about how we can travel the world for free, become rich or just try to have some kind of social relevance in today’s online world (I mean isn't that what we all dream of - our 15 minutes of fame?)

So I have finally bitten the bullet, and although it's not one of my best ideas for a blog (like 'The Critical Guide to everything in Wollongong' and 'the introverts exploration of the extroverted world of the gays'), I had a light bulb moment of something that I find amusing... the stupid things that people say! In particular... in this case I'll attempt to follow the ever so strange comments of my partner who we shall call Dr. Dave.

We all have those moments in life (even those who claim to be highly intelligent... like me), when we wished we have had stopped for 2 seconds and thought about what we were saying before we opened our mouths. Most of the time, the end result is what gives us the best laughs we have in life, those silly moments of err that you can't help but to sit back and laugh at.

Or even those moments, when someone makes a statement and all you can do is raise an eyebrow at them wondering "where, why and how did that person come up with that/why would they say that?"

We are all victim to a slip of the mouth, it was only the other night while Dr. Dave was slow cooking some lamb shanks that I myself turned around and in a bust of amazement said...

"Wow... Those are big shanks... It must have been a big cow!"

And yes... I have not lived that down as of yet (I do know that lamb shanks come from a LAMB). I am currently the butt of a sting of jokes about learning the difference between your farm animals in primary school! (I can't have done too badly at school for someone with a 'comfy' office job and currently doing a dual university degree)

So ladies and gents, if you ever come across this page, know you know what it's about. Follow me on my endeavour to highlight those little quirks in expression and language that makes us laugh, smile, and think that some people are just idiots!

Welcome to Shit My Boyfriend Says.


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