Sunday, 9 September 2012

The Battle of the Fat


Yep - that's right! Those two words that are constantly thrown in our faces by the media in every form they can possibly think of. If I wasn't mistaken, the way they carry on about the subject of diet and obesity, you would think that we had all grown so fat that we have lost use of our legs and just roll down the street.

I don't know about you, but I think here in Australia it's not as bad as they sensationalise. (I'm not denying that it's a problem and has health risks) You look down to the beaches or out the country and most people seem to be lean and fit and healthy. We have access to good fresh food, and although we may splurge on the odd round of Macca's or HJ's - it's not a substitute for a good home cooked meal.

Now I'm not trying to poke any sticks here - and Aussie's have their dietary faults too (mainly the massive consumption of Alcohol - he says with a beer on his desk typing away), but America! You don't lead by good example of the Fat Fighters International Branch!

I recently got sent an e-mail which highlighted the... how shall we put this LARGE and OVER THE TOP nature of our Freedom Loving Neighbours across the pacific.

Running late for work? Don't have time for breakfast at home? Just grab some of Bob Evan's Sausage Gravy!! As Bob says... "Start your day Right!"

Ever been in that situation at the local show/fair where you can't what food you want? Do you just want chips? Or do you want a Dagwood Dog? How about BOTH! I shall call it - the "Chipwoodog" Dagwood Dog encased in lovely deep fried fries!

You get home from the Fair and the Chipwoodog just hasn't satisfied your cravings for Dagwood dogs? Well how about you spice up your homemade pizza night and make a Corn Dog Pizza!

 Ever had those 3pm munchies in the office and the vending machines have nothing good on offer? Introducing - the Pizza Vending Machine. (Personally I think they would make a fortune)

You've had a late day at the office and the kids want you to cook a roast! You forgot to pick one up at the shops so you look in the pantry and find... Chicken in a Can!

And last - but definitely not least - I have discovered our friends have a fascination with Bacon. God Bless Bacon - we all love it. I know I couldn't live without it. I would marry bacon if I could! But I would never take it this far!

Introducing: The Bacon Donut


 Not enough for your? How about smother it with some Baconnaise!

 If that's not enough - let's have a dinner party. I'm cooking my famous Turbaconucke! A chicken inside a duck inside a turkey, all wrapped in bacon.

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