Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Death Spiral of a Lazy Consumer

As I look around the unit I see a million different jobs that need doing; the floors need to be done, there are about half a dozen items from the Ikea spending spree on the weekend that need to be unpacked and I swear if I leave the pile of washing in the laundry any longer it will come alive like some creature and sneak out into the night, never to be seen again.

So as I contemplate the myriad of chores that should be completed from the lounge, I think to myself... "Nahhhhhhhh..... I'm too lazy" And herein lies the death spiral of a full time student who also works a full time job.

I'm a sucker for the current fitness craze and the ideal of the perfect body. To be honest I have two gym memberships running at the moment. The convenience of +Anytime Fitness because it's open 24/7! (Although I have never been outside of normal gym business hours) and some little local council run gym because it's not as far to walk as the other. But do you think I go.... NO! $120/month down the drain. Thank god I’m a young gay male with disposable income.

Although I've bought into the world of 'Getting Fit' and 'Toning Up' - the reality is that I work 9-5 Monday - Friday, and when I’m not at work, I'm trying to fit 40+ hours of study in per week. I know I know.... there are more hours than that in a week - but you give it a go and see how you fair.

Almost 80 hours of my life per week is spent with my ass glued to an office chair staring at 2 computer screens (the remainder is spread like a cheese platter over the lounge or counting sheep in the comfort of the king size bed)
…cue light bulb moment… *BING*


The human body wasn’t designed to sit around all day and do nothing. I’m intelligent enough to know that sitting around all day without any physical activity will ultimately lead me to having no energy… the solution… MORE PHYSICAL ACTIVITY!!!!!

I get up from the lounge, get a glass of water, and stare out the window thinking to myself “Tomorrow… not today… tomorrow I will start”, and so the cycle of lazy continues, the wideness of my ass expands, and the list of chores continue to pile up.

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